VP Officers

Valley Prospector Executive Officers

President, Lorraine Frost

Lorraine is one of the original founding members of Valley Prospectors back in 1976. She started prospecting with an old family friend, Dick Haskell, in 1969. She learned how to dredge with Dick’s 1 ½ inch dredge he named Suction Sally. She found her future husband, Jerry Frost, through the gold club. Jerry and Lorraine first met in 1981 at the GPAA Riverside Raincross Square Gold Show.

Vice President, Gene Lepper

Gene has been interested in prospecting for more than 46 years. He started as a member of GPAA and knew that late “Buzzard” George Massie. He learned things from watching and listening to other prospectors and developed his own techniques. He learned a lot by trial and error and has become very familiar with the Coolgardie and Summit areas.

Secretary, Judy Lepper

Judy started learning about prospecting/panning/lapidary in the early 70’s with her X- in laws, (George and Charlotte Carpenter). She mostly enjoys dry washing and panning. Judy joined Valley Prospectors in the early part of 2003, with her partner and now husband Gene Lepper.

Treasurer, Sue Baranauskas

Sue started prospecting over 40 years ago with her late husband Don. They were camping in Holcomb Valley and looked for gold. It sparked a lifetime of Gold Fever in both of them. They met Dee Stapp early on in their adventures. Many a hour was spent in her shop learning all about Gold Prospecting.

Valley Prospector Board of Directors

  • Kelly Crawford
  • Harry Crawford
  • Garry Devlin
  • Bob Dudley
  • Jill Molson
  • Albert Naki
  • Katherine Naki
  • Steve Schubert
  • Bruce Sherman
  • Dolores Stratton
  • Jack Stratton

Alternate VP Board Member

  • Trish Dudley

Committee Chairpersons

  • Apparel – Vacant
  • Blood Bank – Lorraine Frost
  • Budget – Sue Baranauskas
  • CFMS – Bural LaRue
  • Claims – Bob Dudley
  • Courtesy – Dolores Stratton & Trish Dudley
  • Editor – Art Fairchild
  • Finds/Month – Garry Devlin & Sherry Livingston
  • Gold Sales – Art Fairchild
  • Lady Luck – Albert Naki
  • Librarian – Bruce Sherman
  • Membership – Andrea Frost
  • Name Tags – Andrea Frost
  • Outings-Retired – Don Osborne
  • Programs – Gene Lepper
  • Refreshments – Mary Schubert
  • Shows & Schools – Steve Schubert
  • 50/50 – Sherry Livingston